Challenge Other Teams

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Stir up some competition and challenge other teams or businesses!

Create your own corporate challenge by creating a friendly rivalry with another team. This could be a local business, grocery store, bank, first responders, realtors, municipality, hospital, church, school, organization, or department. Here are some examples: Executive vs. Executive, Legal Firm Battle, Oil and Gas Showdown, Sheriff vs Chief; Firehouse Battle, HyVee and Price Chopper Showdown, IT vs Accounting, Chamber Battle, Principal vs Principal, Battle of the Paddle, etc., etc., etc.

If you would like to issue a challenge complete the Team Challenge Form. The Tournament Director will then issue the challenge to the competing group and will follow-up with you as to whether it was indeed accepted. Challenge winners will receive a bowling pin traveling trophy and bragging rights (add your own wagers to turn up the competitive fun)!

Some of the many benefits to the teams who participate in a Tournament Challenge are:  improving employee morale; allowing employees to work together as a team outside of the workplace, building friendships and stronger work relationships; allowing employees to network with employees from other area businesses; and most importantly, it gives participants a reason to be active and contributes to their overall well-being. 

Use the Team Challenge Form to issue a challenge now.

Here are the Team challenges that have been made so far:

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